Can we have it on concrete?

Yes providing we can secure it properly on all 4 corners, we will need to look at area before accept booking.

Is it cheaper for 3 hours?

No sorry its same amount of work for us, same fuel, same hours work ect.

If its bad weather can we have item?

Yes its possible we can deliver however there not allowed to be used in wind exceeding 24mph.

Is there a deposit?

Yes 20% deposit  (£20 minimum) non refundable booking fee.

Do you hire balls in ball pool?

Yes but please note its customers responsibility to put ball pool balls away ready for collection, there will be a £20 deposit to ensure this is done.

Will you definitely turn up?

Yes we have never not turned up. Never even been late.

Do you hire indoors?

certainly, but its your responsibility to make sure of the measurements with the venue, including lights, if we try deliver and it doesn't fit half the hire fee will be charged.

What time do you deliver and collect?

We deliver between 8am and dinner time and start collecting at 5pm we do area by area, unless its an overnight booking for £20 extra, (unless its a hall or room booking with set times pre-arranged with us)

What ages are bouncy castles for?

Law is no taller than the side walls we have special high wall castles for adults and teens ect.

When is payment?

Payment is on delivery unless you wanted to pay before by PayPal or bank transfer or installments.

How much space is required?

Size of the bouncy castle and 2 foot both sides and 4 foot to the rear of the castle for the blower and 4 feet to the front to come off safely.


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