Sun-bed hire in Barnsley and surrounding areas .

elite canopy 160w fast tan,8 weeks hire £200

Medium stand up 75x75cm 240 watts 8 weeks weeks hire £300 plus we give you 4 weeks free

large stand up 85x85cm 240 watts 12 weeks £320

extra large Caribbean stand up 100x100cm 4 weeks £200, 8 weeks £320 or 12 weeks £450

It's £20 deposit to book and remainder cash on delivery . The person who hires needs to be over 18 years of age, produces identification if requested to do so, and shall have the responsibility for the delivered sunbed, The Hirer must not allow anyone under the age of 18 to use the sunbed. Any loss, damage or theft of the delivered sunbed, will render the hirer liable, and he/she will be required to reimburse the Company, the full retail price for any loss, damage or repair or any loss of business to the Company due to the fact that the Company's property has not been returned.We will not be liable for any injuries arising from the use of or inability to use the sunbed on hire.

The sunbed will be delivered and collected from the same address as stated on the Company hire contract. Any sunbeds being kept for consecutive hire periods (after the initial rental period) must be paid for 7 days before the sunbed was due for collection. we deliver all sunbeds between 9am and 5pm and do call on way . We do need a 1 meter cleared walkway and a 1.5x 1.5m cleared area for the sunbed to be installed and require 2x 13amp main power supplies . Extension leads must not be used .

IMPORTANT. 1 Remove all cosmetics well in advance of exposure. 2 Do not use standard suntan lotion or sunblock. Only use suntan creams or sprays specifically designed for sunbed use. 3 Do not undergo exposure when taking medicines which increase the sensitively to ultra-violet radiation. If in doubt, take medical advice. 4 Do not expose any part of the body more than once a day and do not sunbathe the same day. 5 Adhere to recommendations concerning exposure times, intervals between exposure and distances from the lamp. 6 Seek medical advice if persistent in lumps, sores or pigmented moles develop on the skin.7 . No parts are user serviceable. Do not remove any parts or attempt to dismantle this unit. Do not cover or restrict any ventilation holes. 8 . It is recommended that the unit is positioned 3-9 inches away from the body.

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